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Thursday, April 27th, 2006
2:44 pm
THK discussions and Guild Alliances and Factions
Hey  everybody --

So, there's a mailing list.  Long time VH'ers would know it -- its benny's gaming list -- to sign up, log in to guildwars and get the URL, its on the guild announcements page.  To make it easier, here's the URL, but there's certain pieces missing:


We're trying to coordinate another THK attack for Liz at the moment.   I'm not sure that everybody who's interested (Firehand, Diddy, etc) are signed up at the moment.

Also, welcome new folks -- batteal just joined the guild, she's currently running around PostSear, i believe. 
I believe Ranger of Death has his account for sale, he's choosing not to play anymore.

With the latest update, there's now an "Alliance" channel -- Guilds can form alliances and chat between them now. Very nice, because we've met a lot of people in very good guilds we'd love to stay in contact with.  I'll be trying to track down the last batch of fun folks to work with, and form alliances, don't quite know how yet, but I'll figure it out.

Also, if we play bunches of platinum, we can now add Xunlai Agents and Skill Trainers to the Guild Hall.  Anybody interested?  Do a fundraiser to get there?

Thursday, April 13th, 2006
11:29 pm
Email List
Benny has declared: Let there be mailing list...
actually recycling an older mailing list.
But, not going to post the URL here.
Log in to the account and look on the Guild Announcement page
So we can plan lots of death and destruction together


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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
9:32 am
HI! So I just started playing, this past weekend.

Anyway, I have some questions.

Is there ANY way to do something like a "who" or "whois" or the "finger" command on VH, to see what level/class folks are if they're not dancing right in front of you? I can't even tell what sort of characters the folks in the guild have. This seems reasonless and frustrating.

I'm level 7 and I seem to have run out of quests, other than the big "Leave Ascalon and kill Charr with the one guy - when you're ready" one. I've done about 12 or 15 little quests here and there, taking me to about 5 little town porting points around the map (Foible's Fair, Barradin's, some fort on the edge of Regent Valley, etc etc [forgive me if I'm butchering the names, I don't have the game up in front of me]). Now what do I do? Do the one big quest, or am I missing something? And does that take me to post?

Friday, March 24th, 2006
12:03 am
Guild Cape Changes!
Hey folks!

on a bet, we changed something about the cape .. the deal was: If nobody noticed it in the month of march, the Quinn would get to redesign the cape for April.

However, it was noticed, and so that aint going to happen.
However, I would like to throw a couple of things out:

1) I'm thinking about kicking out anybody more than.. oh, i don't know. Pick a number. Something in the middle of the current great divide. Anybody who gets booted, more than welcome to come back in when you get active again. Something about a need for "reality" of the members list.

2) Who all wants to design a cape? Rules: figure out your design, make a note of the colors/patterns/etc that you use, a screenshot -- and I'll put the design in for you -- you pay the 2 platinum for it. If there's a program which lets you design capes offline, by all means introduce me to it. One person a month, or if there's a bunch of people interested, then one person a week.

Note: Veto rights apply -- if the guild really doesn't like it (ie, i hear it from everybody), then we'll move on to somebody else's design ahead of time.

Note: To figure out a design, go to the Guild Emblemer in Ascalon City (pre and post).

3) Hey, Guildwars Factions Preview weekend is this weekend. *scorediddle*.
Sunday, February 12th, 2006
12:19 am
Two New Members...
Hey folks.  Welcome:

Mithras Stormcaller -- Met him when we were doing Thunderhead.  He's got a great E and a Mo to boot. 

Calamar Greenleaf -- Calamar has run me from LA to Sanctum Cay a couple times.  He's a very nice fellow to work with.   Likes to run and farm.   Lives in Alaska, believe or not.. which is 4 hours before to CST!     He likes to farm Tomb of the Primeval Kings, the new one with the new greens.

Reposting the Ventrilo information - not that any of us use it much, but Mithras and Calamar might want to ...  strafe.typefrag.com:11985, password is on the Guild Message of the Day.    In fact... Calamar and I got online, and it worked GREAT.    Benny and Liz -- i have no idea why it lags for you.

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Sunday, February 5th, 2006
8:37 pm
Elona: owned.
We owned it.

I went back with henchies again.. and owned it again.
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
8:32 pm
Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
8:49 pm
Assault on Elona Reach
Having been Tromped, Owned, Creamed,  at Elona, I went back to do some studying of how the mobs move.   Thanks to somewhere where I got the map (I googled for Elona Reach Map, and found one):

Edit: I went back in and tried it, and had to rewrite a bunch of it.  The Map may no longer be accurate.  Edits are in Italics.   In fact, its so !#$! complex, that I don't think i can really type it up.

Edit Edit:  And a THIRD time.. this one REALLY worked.   Updated Map too.. did it with Henchies and had 8 minutes to go on the clock.

(Edit #3). Its very simple.  
1. The Red line is where we went.   Note we got both crystals then went back to the Hero. 
2.  The Smashing Yellow is where we had to attack and kill bad guys.
3. The Gorgeous Green is where we used pulling (with rangers) and trapping (with rangers) to make life easier.
4. The Cyranoic Cyan is where one would have to go for the Bonus.  (which we didn't do this time).

The one hitch to watch out for is:  There are 2 pesky minotaur who attacked us AFTER the cutscene. Note to self: kill them before talking to hero next time.   Also, pulling the first boss (where the green arrow is), is essential if he's a monk boss, because otherwise you end up with two healers going against you, which is bad.

Looking forward to Sunday.  1pm CST, Elona!    Yee and Haw.
Monday, January 30th, 2006
6:13 pm
Help Requested!
Benny and Liz need some help with Elona Reach.
Guildwars Party at 7:00pm CST this Wednesday, Feb 1st 2006.

Otter will be there
Monkeyboy will be there
Benny and Liz
... one more! :)


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Sunday, January 15th, 2006
8:42 pm
Observer mode, PVP.
Hey folks.

So, i've been getting *excited* as I watch the PVP stuff in Observer mode.  If you haven't had a chance to try it out, check it out.  Seen a lot of really good tactics.  I even created a PVP character.. i chose the Fi Monk template.   Very interesting build.

Anyway.  I was checking around to see if anybody would be interested in forming a 4-person PVP team to go duke out in the team arena's near Droknar's?  

And, we do still have our subscription to ventrillo - it auto-renewed on me before i could shut it down.   Benny has had bad luck with it.. i've had good luck with it.. i dunno what's up with that.  Its a bit tricky to set up, though.   I could post what I do to make it usable, if anybody wants.
8:35 pm
Guild Update
Hey everybody.  Guild update...   Hmm.

well, for one thing, i've been sick and haven't been playing much.

Pymp Daddy resigned his account to somebody else.  He self-booted himself from the Guild.  Pymp, you will be missed.   Hope you find us IRL or keep in contact with us in some other way, i'd love to know how your Jujitsu is going.  Hope you didn't get deployed.

Luci tried to give me a dig about not being an officer anymore, whereas my RL girlfriend is. :)  I very cheekily answered: Play more.   

Diddy added a second account; similar naming scheme.

Active members:
   Monkeyboy, Otter, Benny  (Guild officers)
   Firehand, Luci!, Captain Deathkill, Yxes
   Sudka, Liz, Ranger of Death, Diddy (2 accounts).

Hmm. Looks like Luci logged in recently.  I may have to re-promote her. :)

What are we up to?

I think Benny has a character in the desert right now.  He might be getting fed up with some of those missions. :)

Firehand, Otter and I were trying to get past "Last Day Dawns" (which is a post-endgame quest).  As last I knew, we hadn't yet successfully done it.   Which he just verified. :(

Having watched battles in observer mode.. i'm like.. excited! i want to get some GVG going, or at least some team PVP ...  will post on that shortly.

Not much else to report.  The Guild slowly dwindles away.. while the die-hards play. :) 

In other news, there's talk of reviving an NWN campaign over at the forum.  http://www.yacyac.com/old/forums   (login required).

Wish I hade more to report.
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
10:29 pm
Guild Membership and Officerdom Clarification
Hey folks. I went through the membership list.. and did some changing to the Officers list. Basically, i promoted to officer: People who play, who are responsible and who represent the "feel" of this Guild.

keep in mind that this guild is a sub-set/sub-sidiary of another group of people (vincent's hollow), and i wish to respect that.

Regarding new people wanting to join:
- we would like them to be compatible with us
- would rather not have kids joining because many of us are parents trying to get away from kids when we play
- would prefer if somebody knows them in person.

ie, not just anybody, but if it seems like a mature responsible person, or is a good buddy of somebody in the guild, that would would work great.

Sorry, don't mean to be a hardass / etc, but as a Guild "Leader" its my duty to set down some set of principles by which to keep this baby going. Thank you for listening, and love you all.


PS: Luci and Xav and Yxes etc -- if you were to play again, i'd repromote you :)
Monday, December 5th, 2005
12:58 am
So, a quick update. Its been a while, meant to do this earlier, but life got busy.

- new member! I forget their name. Friend of Ranger and Diddy's, real name Brian.
- new member! Ans, friend of Otter's from Baltimore (i think). I forget her IGN.

We had a successfull Aurora Glade mission on Sunday. Diddy, Monkey, and Otter helped Aihwaz and Doctor thru the Glade, and there was much rejoicing. Got our butt's spanked earlier before Diddy joined the mix with his L20 warrior.

Where's everybody at:
- Firehand has finished the game several times over and just created a new character, Firehand Death or something like that. Sez Otter: Damn that boy is Lucky. (after watching him waltz through THK).
- Diddy has one character stuck at Thirsty River, could use some help.
- They Call Me Tank just got to Amnoon, is exploring the desert.
- Aihwaz and Doctor just got to Henge.
- Mina just got to Lion's Arch (after being run there).
- Monkeyboy and Diddy just did the first of the "Defend" quests.
- Monkeyboy just got to Deldrimor War Camp, hasn't been to Sorrow's yet.
- Firehand is on like the 2nd or third Defend quest.
- Otter has seen Sorrow's Furnace.
- Haven't heard much from Pymp

Another thing is -- i never promoted Diddy to guild officer, don't know how he got there. Oh well. I'm not so much on the depromotions, so i'll just leave it be.

Oh, and the Ventrilo server refreshed itself on my paypal, so we have that for another 3 months. I don't think anybody's really using it, though.

Cheers, and thanks for being in the guild and helping out!
Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
1:42 pm
... and how was Halloween?
How did everybody enjoy the halloween party and decorations [on gw, not the st louis party]?

I frickin EARNED my Halloween Helm, i tell you. Lots of screenshots to remember it by. I might post some of them some day. I have several of the brews left.

And on that note: how was the St Louis party?

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1:39 pm
Interesting BBC article...
Picturing Online Gaming's Value

... gives a slightly different perspective for me.

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
9:07 pm
Movie night Invite
AMES, IA -- Just wanted to extend the invitation to CapDK and Fleeno ... I believe R.O.D. already knows ... having a movie night at my place on Wednesday Nov 2nd, we're watching "The Village". Not strictly a guild thing ... more an coworker and friends kind of thing, except that one of my coworkers is also in the guild (Benny = TheyCallMeTank/HarmaLott), so...

anyway. Y'all are welcome to come over. Food at 7:30 (pizza, $3 to buy in), movie at 8:00pm. R.O.D. has the details.

9:04 pm
New Member: Captain Deathkill!
Hey folks. At Ben (RangerOfDeath)'s request, i've extended an invitation to his friend Chad (Captain Deathkill) to join the guild. Ben (Fleeno) knows Chad (Captain Deathkill) as well. Not to be confused with Chadd (Didraedimus).

hmm. that's why we use nicknames? but we all have like 4 characters.. ah heck, It sorts itself out sooner or later.
Monday, October 24th, 2005
7:43 pm
Welcome Fleeno!
Y'all, at Ben N (Ranger of Death)'s request, i've invited his friend Ben S. to the guild.
Actually.. here's the thread:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ben S"
To: "Ben N"
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2005 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: Guild Wars!

Not yet, can I get into yours?

On 10/24/05, Ben N wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Ben S
> To: Ben N
> Sent: Monday, October 24, 2005 12:09 PM
> Subject: Guild Wars!
> I bought Guild Wars and it rocks! I'm Fleeno Jackson, level 3
> warrior/elementalist!

Welcome Fleeno Jackson!
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
10:09 pm
Guild Status as of 10/9/2005
Lucincia promoted Sunnywiz to guild leader, mostly due to "who'se actually around more" type of things.

Currently 11 active (within last month) members:
Sunny, Pymp, Diddy, Firehand, Aihwaz, RoD, Panthy, Benny, Otter, Tara, Elescina

(* folks in bold have guild officer like powers)

And 9 inactive players, some of whom are:
Luci - lots of real life stuff going on, working hard
Yxes - Yo, what's up, dude?
45 - Glad to see you back for a bit, hope you're doing good!
Xav - Very busy, don't even see 'im on babble much

Where are people at? -- I don't know at this point. I know my Mina is getting ready for Ashes; Otter still has a Ranger at THK; Diddy and Otter both have characters in the fire island chain; and just helped Firehand with Riverside Province.

Other stuff -- we still have Ventrillo server till mid-November; if you haven't tried it, please do -- it really saves on typing, and I'm a big fan of it.

There's a halloween party in the planning, ask Aihwaz for further details.

for my part, I'll be logging in Wednesday and Saturday nights if I can, and possible shows on Thursday and Sunday as well. 9pm CST in all cases. Am available to help with any and all missions, if I have time..

As far as recruiting goes -- here's what I know:
  • person has to be somebody "we" can get along with. Y'know: open, tolerant, kind, mature, accepting of people. Sense of community.
  • prefer not to have younger folks, unless they're like, y'know, offspring or family of other members in the guild. Most of us are in our 30's now, younger folks would find us boring anyway. *grins*
  • As yet, we don't have any folks interested in doing GvG or PvP stuff. Several folks (Myself, Luci) have expressed an interest, but don't have the charismatic leader who wants to plan builds yet.

So, if somebody is interested in joining us .. by all means, let one of the officer-types (including me) know -- can drop me an email and I'll publish them an invite.

That's about it..
aka Monkeyboy Bowslappy (R/Mo20)
aka Mina Bunnywiz (Mo/Me12)

(also, if somebody wants to customize this journal with guild colors etc, please, go for it!)
9:42 pm
Hello and Welcome to GuildVH Community...
So, in lieaux (however you spell that) of Forums, since we're not a very talkative bunch of folks, I'm trying out a LJ community instead. I know at least 3 of our members have regular LJ accounts, and to be honest, there's a lot of quality Guildwars players on LJ, so this might all work out...

Here's what I'm after:
- a place where anybody can read "what we're up to" -- its easier for people who are considering joining the guild to check us out this way.
- a place where we can chat with each other about meaningful stuff if there ever is any
- a place where we can sync up with each other (for those of us who can't play all the time)
- a place where we can figure out important stuff like, say, the ventrillo server (if we want to renew it in November, for example).

Note that if you don't have an LJ account, you can still leave comments -- just that you'll have to identify who you are.

Note that if you have an LJ account, AND you're a member of the community, you can make private posts that only other members of the community can read. We'll use this for sensitive stuff if there ever is any.
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