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So, a quick update. Its been a while, meant to do this earlier, but life got busy.

- new member! I forget their name. Friend of Ranger and Diddy's, real name Brian.
- new member! Ans, friend of Otter's from Baltimore (i think). I forget her IGN.

We had a successfull Aurora Glade mission on Sunday. Diddy, Monkey, and Otter helped Aihwaz and Doctor thru the Glade, and there was much rejoicing. Got our butt's spanked earlier before Diddy joined the mix with his L20 warrior.

Where's everybody at:
- Firehand has finished the game several times over and just created a new character, Firehand Death or something like that. Sez Otter: Damn that boy is Lucky. (after watching him waltz through THK).
- Diddy has one character stuck at Thirsty River, could use some help.
- They Call Me Tank just got to Amnoon, is exploring the desert.
- Aihwaz and Doctor just got to Henge.
- Mina just got to Lion's Arch (after being run there).
- Monkeyboy and Diddy just did the first of the "Defend" quests.
- Monkeyboy just got to Deldrimor War Camp, hasn't been to Sorrow's yet.
- Firehand is on like the 2nd or third Defend quest.
- Otter has seen Sorrow's Furnace.
- Haven't heard much from Pymp

Another thing is -- i never promoted Diddy to guild officer, don't know how he got there. Oh well. I'm not so much on the depromotions, so i'll just leave it be.

Oh, and the Ventrilo server refreshed itself on my paypal, so we have that for another 3 months. I don't think anybody's really using it, though.

Cheers, and thanks for being in the guild and helping out!
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