sunnywiz (sunnywiz) wrote in guildvh,

Guild Membership and Officerdom Clarification

Hey folks. I went through the membership list.. and did some changing to the Officers list. Basically, i promoted to officer: People who play, who are responsible and who represent the "feel" of this Guild.

keep in mind that this guild is a sub-set/sub-sidiary of another group of people (vincent's hollow), and i wish to respect that.

Regarding new people wanting to join:
- we would like them to be compatible with us
- would rather not have kids joining because many of us are parents trying to get away from kids when we play
- would prefer if somebody knows them in person.

ie, not just anybody, but if it seems like a mature responsible person, or is a good buddy of somebody in the guild, that would would work great.

Sorry, don't mean to be a hardass / etc, but as a Guild "Leader" its my duty to set down some set of principles by which to keep this baby going. Thank you for listening, and love you all.


PS: Luci and Xav and Yxes etc -- if you were to play again, i'd repromote you :)
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