sunnywiz (sunnywiz) wrote in guildvh,

Guild Update

Hey everybody.  Guild update...   Hmm.

well, for one thing, i've been sick and haven't been playing much.

Pymp Daddy resigned his account to somebody else.  He self-booted himself from the Guild.  Pymp, you will be missed.   Hope you find us IRL or keep in contact with us in some other way, i'd love to know how your Jujitsu is going.  Hope you didn't get deployed.

Luci tried to give me a dig about not being an officer anymore, whereas my RL girlfriend is. :)  I very cheekily answered: Play more.   

Diddy added a second account; similar naming scheme.

Active members:
   Monkeyboy, Otter, Benny  (Guild officers)
   Firehand, Luci!, Captain Deathkill, Yxes
   Sudka, Liz, Ranger of Death, Diddy (2 accounts).

Hmm. Looks like Luci logged in recently.  I may have to re-promote her. :)

What are we up to?

I think Benny has a character in the desert right now.  He might be getting fed up with some of those missions. :)

Firehand, Otter and I were trying to get past "Last Day Dawns" (which is a post-endgame quest).  As last I knew, we hadn't yet successfully done it.   Which he just verified. :(

Having watched battles in observer mode.. i'm like.. excited! i want to get some GVG going, or at least some team PVP ...  will post on that shortly.

Not much else to report.  The Guild slowly dwindles away.. while the die-hards play. :) 

In other news, there's talk of reviving an NWN campaign over at the forum.   (login required).

Wish I hade more to report.
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