sunnywiz (sunnywiz) wrote in guildvh,

Observer mode, PVP.

Hey folks.

So, i've been getting *excited* as I watch the PVP stuff in Observer mode.  If you haven't had a chance to try it out, check it out.  Seen a lot of really good tactics.  I even created a PVP character.. i chose the Fi Monk template.   Very interesting build.

Anyway.  I was checking around to see if anybody would be interested in forming a 4-person PVP team to go duke out in the team arena's near Droknar's?  

And, we do still have our subscription to ventrillo - it auto-renewed on me before i could shut it down.   Benny has had bad luck with it.. i've had good luck with it.. i dunno what's up with that.  Its a bit tricky to set up, though.   I could post what I do to make it usable, if anybody wants.
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