sunnywiz (sunnywiz) wrote in guildvh,

Observer mode, PVP.

Hey folks.

So, i've been getting *excited* as I watch the PVP stuff in Observer mode.  If you haven't had a chance to try it out, check it out.  Seen a lot of really good tactics.  I even created a PVP character.. i chose the Fi Monk template.   Very interesting build.

Anyway.  I was checking around to see if anybody would be interested in forming a 4-person PVP team to go duke out in the team arena's near Droknar's?  

And, we do still have our subscription to ventrillo - it auto-renewed on me before i could shut it down.   Benny has had bad luck with it.. i've had good luck with it.. i dunno what's up with that.  Its a bit tricky to set up, though.   I could post what I do to make it usable, if anybody wants.
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That sounds fun :) I think it would be a good Guild thing to do. i also love observing, Sunny-- maybe we could meet to discuss strategy and laugh at the losers? ;)

Dr. B and Algis are also at the ascension quests, and have been dying pathetically, usually by bug, and would be delighted if the Guild would rally and help us scrape ourselves off the desert sand. Name when, and we'll provide the where.